Precharge Representation

Pre-Charge Representation

Pre-Charge representation is one of the best ways to utilize a lawyer.  I have been able to help my client’s significantly because they were proactive.  They contacted me, retained me and I was able to get involved as soon as they heard police were investigating them or their family members.

You should consider getting a lawyer to help you if: (1) police have contacted you about an incident they are investigating; (2) police are investigating you or you believe police will be contacting you and; (3) if you believe any family member or loved one is about to be investigated or charged.

Some Benefits of Pre-charge Representation

-Stopping Police Contact With You
-Stopping Police Questioning
-Avoiding a Warrant Being Issued for Your Arrest
-Possibly Preventing Charges from Being Filed Against You
-Possibly Reducing The Charges That Are Filed Against You
-Avoiding a Bond or High Bond Being Set On You If You Are Charged
-Stopping the Police Case From Getting Stronger Against You
-Assistance With Gathering Evidence Before it Is Lost
-Preventing Yourself From Making Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Case If Charged

In some cases, Pre-Charge representation, may prevent charges from being filed against you.  In other cases, Pre-Charge representation may result in the charges filed against you being reduced to lower charges or less serious charges. Even if charges are brought against you, the advantage of having a lawyer representing you in the earlier stages will likely increase the probability of resolving your case in a more favorable manner than you not having a lawyer in the Pre-Charge phase. Also, it substantially reduces the chance of a bond being required.

Avoiding having to pay a bond, is a substantial benefit. This benefit, in and of itself, will more than likely pay for the Pre-Charge representation. For example, I recently had a case in which an individual was charged with manslaughter. My client was eventually charged and was released without posting any bond.  Typically, cases like this involve bonds at 50,000 to several hundred thousand dollars. Although every case is unique, the benefit of having a lawyer represent you before you are charged almost always will benefit you and your case, especially with regard to bond.

Another benefit of Pre-Charge representation is having your lawyer contact the police so police will cease attempting to question you, call you or harass you.  This will allow you to avoid being questioned by police officers. Even if you have nothing to hide, it is almost always a bad idea to speak to police without an attorney present.

My law firm has been involved in many cases where we have contacted police and asked them to cease contacting our client and direct all further communication through our office. Further, we will assert your fifth and sixth amendment rights to counsel. This gives you the protection of us being able to likely suppress or preclude any statements they obtain from you without me or an attorney being present.

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