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    Probation Violation Arraignment

    The initial court appearance for a probation violation is known as the “Probation Violation Arraignment.” During this hearing, the defendant has two options: either admit to the violation or request a “Probation Violation Hearing” to contest the allegations. In many cases, probation violations are evident, and it is often advisable to admit to the violation to expedite the proceedings. A skilled attorney would have already consulted with the probation officer to negotiate a potential “Probation Violation Disposition” (see Probation Violation Disposition). If an agreement has been reached, it is possible to combine the Probation Violation Arraignment and Probation Violation Disposition into a single hearing. This often results in the defendant being released and placed back on probation or transferred to “Intensive Probation.”

    In situations where the probation officer proves uncooperative, it may be prudent to admit to a minor technical violation (such as a failure to appear at a specific time) while reserving the case for a future Probation Violation Disposition.

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